Everyone wansts more money, more power.

July 30, 2008 afruj

Everyone wansts more money, more power. No one cares about a tree or flower:

The above lines means that most of the people in our country wants to earn a large amount of money and wants to be powerful but no one cares about plants and trees.

We cannot survive without plants and trees. There are many different species of plants and trees. They provide us with lots of useful and important things like they provides us food such as delicious fruits like apple, orange, pineapple, mango, grape, pomegranate, many different kinds of berries, etc. A plant also provides us with medicine, which we get from the leaves and flowers and from many other parts of a tree. With these herbal medicines, we can prevent many dangerous and major diseases.

We can also use plants and trees as a decoration piece. We can decorate our house, our garden and even our environment with beautiful plants and trees. Large trees such as banyan, pine, mango, etc provides shelter for humans and animals. They form a great shelter for the travelers by protecting them from the sunlight in the hot summers. Trees leaves form a dense canopy and protect the soil beneath from erosion. Huge trees form a great storm shelter for the birds and animals.

Plants and trees provides us with timber which can be used for many useful things such as for firewood, for building houses, for making furniture, for ship-building, for lighting fire and for lots of other important things. Plants and trees save us from flood and cyclone. They also balance our environment. The most important work that the plants do is that they produce oxygen. Without oxygen, humans and animals cannot survive. Plants breaths out oxygen which humans and animals takes in and takes in carbohydrate, which humans and animals breathe out.

We can also get flowers from the plants and trees, which is also a very important and useful resource to humans and animals. Flowers are very beautiful. There are many different kinds of beautiful flowers in this world such as rose, water lily, orchid, peony, daffodil, sunflower, lotus, tulip, dahlia, night-queen, etc. Flowers are the symbol of beauty, purity and intellectuality.

Flower is also a very important and useful resource. It soothes our mind. We can make very good perfumes with the fragrance of the flowers. We can also use flower to decorate our house, our garden and even our environment. We can also make ornaments out of flower like necklace, bracelets, etc.

Flowers are also a very useful resource for the insects, animals and birds. Tiny birds such as the Humming birds feed on the nectar of the flower. Some insects also feed on the nectar of the flower, which they collect from the flowers. Bees collect nectar from the flowers and store it in their hives.

Now days, people are cutting down trees. This leads to the growth of pollution in our environment. People want more money and power but they do not care about plants and trees although without which they cannot survive. More money and power means more danger. Too much money only increases our wanting for money and power. Money and power takes us away from our nature of life. We must take care of the plants and trees. If there would be no trees, the whole world will be in great danger.

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